In this wiki, you will learn some steps to help you be successful in writing a paper about a construct and learn some formatting tips!

What is a construct?

Writing constructs are the foundation of what, how, and why you're writing what you're writing.

In order to reach a successful analysis of the writing construct you have chosen, you will first establish that you understand rhetorical situations and rhetorical reading by establishing centrality in your paper. This will involve you to cite terms and concepts that you have learned. Then you should present the writing construct that you plan to research and you should reference 2-3 articles or texts (these can be a mix of videos, pictures, and writing) from different sources that discuss this construct in various ways. You should then develop an argument about these 2-3 articles to explain how they represent your construct differently. You should consider looking at the audiences, and exigencies in each of your texts to help you progress an argument about why your construct is represented differently by each source. Lastly, you should want to discuss how learning about rhetorical situations and rhetorical reading helped you to think differently about the construct that you explored.

Evaluation and formatting-

If you choose to present your analysis in a paper format, you may find it helpful to use headings and sub-headings to organize your ideas, like we did for the discourse community ethnography. Also, be sure to follow MLA guidelines for the citing of your sources and formatting of your paper. 12pt. (readable) font, parenthetical references, and a works cited page. As always, the goal is that you meet the objectives by discussing scholarly sources on rhetorical situations and writing constructs, and that you present an argument about these concepts using texts of your choice.

With all these helpful tips, writing about a construct should be easier!